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Like the Conservative Right in the USA (who we now know is a funder of British Eurosceptics) – Euroscepticism flourishs where myths and misunderstandings abound. In fact it has been a tactic of Eurosceptics and their mouthpieces (I’m talking about you – the Daily Mail!) to spread distortions and fear.

I came across a post by Tim Montgomerie, “The Tory Diary” on which he calls on the Right to learn the lessons of the No to AV Campaign, which he says “was to follow the research when fighting a campaign and not the establishment wisdom.”

So what arguments should Eurosceptics use?

He argues that they should use the results from answers given by the public to (what I regard as very loaded) questions about their objections to the EU.

He lists them – and adds – “We also found that 20% of respondents identified “European human rights laws” as the least attractive feature of the EU.”

Sadly this results not from fact – but a confusion between the EU (27 Members – founded in mid 1950s – we joined in 1973) and the European Convention on Human Rights (part of the Council of Europe – set up in the late 1940s – 47 members – we were members from the start and played a key role in writing the Convention). The media has its responsibility – for often referring to “the European Court” failing to say whether a decision is of the EU’s court in Luxembourg or the European Court of Human Rights, which is in Strasbourg.

As a law lecturer – I am aware of the disturbingly high number of law students who don’t know the difference – if we are to tackle the Conservative Right – we need to tackle the myths and misunderstandings which their campaigns rest upon.

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October 24, 2011 at 9:47 am

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