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Is it an offence?

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A post has circulated arounf Facebook – asserting that it is a criminal offence – punishable by a fine of £60 and 3 points on the offender’s driving licence – to drive whilst there is snow on the car roof.

IT IS DANGEROUS TO DRIVE WITH SNOW ON THE ROOF – as your own vision may be suddenly impaired – and a sudden fall can cause dangers to other road users. But where is the legal authority for the claim made on Facebook?

I checked the online “Highway Code” It doesn’t mention any offence – but does warn of the dangers. There are references to primary and secondary legislation, but none that state would be authority for the claim.

My point is – that it is difficult for citizens to find out what is – and isn’t an offence. Perhaps we need to consider how citizens can easily find a straightforward reference to what acts are illegal and will be punished.

Please do clear the snow away from your car roof before driving – but also ask your MP why a citizen can’t, with ease, know what is an offence and what isn’t. Isn’t that a central idea which lay behind the Magna Carta?

Written by David

December 3, 2010 at 8:04 am

Posted in access to law, offence