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Welcome to WATSROC – which stands for “WE are the State – Reclaim OUR citizenship”

We do not exist for the benefit of the State. As citizens, the State is our servant – its purpose is to serve us, and to achieve the collective goals we have chosen. This philosophy has long been under attack. On the one hand some individuals have sought to capture “the State” and use it as a means of exercising power over their fellow citizens. Totalitarian States – like Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany are examples of this. Others have sought to strip the State of power – by turning over government to corporate interests. We are reduced to mere consumers – and power over our own lives – though the stated objective of the people pushing these ideas – is in fact diminished.

WATSROC seeks to encourage people to take back control through democratic activity. The abdication of power by those how turn their backs on democratic choice (the one’s who shout that they choose “none of the above”) achieves nothing. Opting out doesn’t mean that there will be no one in government! Active citizen involvement is the only answer. It has been the inspiration for the development of Freedom in the United Kingdom – and the American Revolution.

I hope that you will join in the discussions that this blog seeks to engage in – whatever political party you identify with, if any – this is a call to action which is long overdue. Please join with me to achieve the kind of state which serves its citizens.

J David Morgan


Written by David

November 27, 2010 at 3:05 pm

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